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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Mommy On A Mission} Operation Get My Pre-Baby Body Back!

It's been two weeks since having our precious baby Brock and I've been so excited to get back in shape! It's hard to believe, and even harder to admit, but 9 months of not being able to workout made for a 70lb pregnancy weight gain...yikes! I knew the minute I got home from the hospital I was going to get back in the swing of things and stop at nothing to get my pre-baby body back. I'm still not able to work out (other than walking and stairs), but thanks to clean eating and AdvoCare supplements, I've already lost over 25lbs!

I've decided to start documenting my journey and I would love for anyone who's interested to join me! Whether you're a new mom, have a little weight to lose, or just want to get healthy, follow along and feel free to share your weight loss journey, tips, & recipes. Here's a summary of my program and links to the products I use. I hope you'll join me in the journey!

A typical day for me includes 5-6 meals and tons of water! I've committed to eating clean and removing all processed foods from my diet. The links below will take you to our AdvoCare website & more information on each of the products mentioned. If you're interested, you can order your products there too!

Immediately upon rising (Empty Stomach): Drink a Spark; take (1) Probiotic Restore ULTRA; take (3) Catalyst

Breakfast (20-30 minutes later): Drink a Meal Replacement Shake or eat a Protein, Carbohydrate & Vegetable; take (2) OmegaPlex; take (3) CorePlex with Iron

Mid Morning Snack: Eat a healthy Fat & a Fruit or drink a Muscle Gain Shake & eat a Fruit

Lunch: Eat a Protein, Carbohydrate & Vegetable

20-30 Minutes before Mid Afternoon Snack: Take (3) Catalyst; drink a 2nd Spark

Mid Afternoon Snack: Eat a healthy Fat & a Fruit or drink a Muscle Gain Shake & eat a Fruit or eat a 1/2 serving of Protein & a Fruit

Dinner: Eat a Protein, Carbohydrate & Vegetable; take (2) OmegaPlex

Evening Snack (**make sure to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed): Eat a 1/2 serving of Protein, Carbohydrate, & Vegetable or drink a Muscle Gain Shake

Interested in trying AdvoCare products to enhance your weight loss/healthy lifestyle? I highly recommend the products below!

CorePlex with Iron - Supplies a synergistic blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal health. Promotes a healthy immune system & supports healthy bones, muscles and connective tissues.

Probiotic Restore ULTRA - Helps maintain normal, beneficial intestinal microflora. Supports healthy intestinal function &  improves nutrient absorption. Aids in good digestion and provides immune system support.

Spark - Long-lasting energy (3-5 hours), without spiking blood sugar. Sharpens mental focus and alertness - B-Vitamins and Amino Acids create neurotransmitter reactions in the brain to provide long lasting, more focused energy. Caffeine dilates blood vessels for better & quicker nutritional absorption. Take anytime during the day for a natural energy lift. Can be served cold or hot.

OmegaPlex - Plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients. Helps promote & boost a healthy metabolism. Promotes maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails. Essential for building cell membranes to perform key functions in the brain, eyes & lungs. Eases inflammation and boosts immune system. Aids in effective digestion, speed nerve transmission and enhances mood and memory/learning abilities. 

Meal Replacement Shake (Berry, Chocolate, Vanilla) - Nourishes muscles and supports metabolism. A perfectly balanced (protein-to-carb ratio), satisfying meal. Great for someone who usually skips breakfast or lunch.

Catalyst - Amino Acids that support & preserve muscle tone, enhances strength & energy during workouts & helps rid the fat, retain the muscle and leave your body more toned and defined!

Muscle Gain - Metabolically balanced blend of high-grade proteins that supplies amino acids and other nutrients that are essential to protein synthesis and muscle building in an easy-to-digest formula that includes digestive enzymes to improve absorption of protein.

Stay tuned for pictures, updates, recipes and tips in future posts! Be sure to follow our blog to stay updated!