The Daily Chase

Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello, sweet friends! We hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with your friends + family! We're still recovering from the hustle + bustle of the holidays and I hope to have a post full of wonderful pictures and stories up by this weekend. Until then I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet boy playing with one of his Christmas presents taken with my new Nikon! (Yes, this means much higher quality photos will be appearing on the blog!) XOXO

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Lesson In Obedience

A few weeks ago I was excited to receive a happy little e-mail from CATHOLIC FAMILY GIFTS asking me to review one of their wonderful products. Even though Brock is just an infant, I love sharing our faith with him. He was recently Baptized and attends weekly Mass with us.
While browsing their website I saw a VeggieTales DVD telling the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. I knew this was the perfect item to tryout on Brocky. He loves colors and cartoons and even though he's not old enough to understand the message, I knew he'd be a fan.
 We gave it a try on Saturday afternoon and just as I expected, Brocky was glued to the TV! He loved the characters and I loved the message they told. We are so pleased to have this in our movie collection and plan to watch it many more times! We think it's a wonderful way to introduce Bible stories to little ones!
If you're looking for sweet last minute gifts, be sure to check out everything CATHOLIC FAMILY GIFTS has to offer. They have a wonderful collection of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation gifts along with religious medals, Bibles and books. We look forward to giving a few of their items to our family this Christmas and hope you will too!

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Very Happy 1/2 Birthday

Well, 6 months have come and gone since our little, BIG guy entered this world. It has been the most trying, exhausting and absolutely wonderful 1/2 a year I've ever had! We love this little one SO much!

Brock got a great report at his 6 month well visit with Dr. Mitchell. We're moving into stage 2 foods and sippy cups! Big guy measured in the 94th percentile height and 77th percentile weight. In addition to checking out himself in the mirror {just like Dad}, Brock loved ripping the paper on the table to shreds. He squealed with excitement...until he got shots! We're so thankful for our healthy, happy boy! XOXO

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{Giveaway} 2013: A Year of HEALTH + WEALTH

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas around the corner, you may have not given your New Year's Resolution much thought. However, it's NEVER to early to start! Our goal of getting healthy & finding a product line to enhance our well-being has turned into an amazing career opportunity and has changed the future of our family. Here's our story...we hope it inspires you to start your own!
In 2011 Vincent's aunt and uncle approached us about AdvoCare. We both had things about our physique we were looking to change and Vince had taken a few of the products in high school so we decided to become Distributors and enjoy a discount on the products. Fast forward a year and we not only LOVE the amazing results we've seen, but we now have a Plan B income that has made mortgage payments, paid all of Brock's hospital bills, paid credit card debt and is helping us build an extraordinary future for our family.
We've found that most people are looking for one of two things...a way to get healthy or a way to make money. For us, AdvoCare was our answer to both.

If you're looking for an answer we hope you'll consider joining us. We're looking for 3 people to add to our team that are ready for a chance in 2013! Check out the 4 ways to get involved and visit our website to see if AdvoCare is right for you.
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And...since it is the Season of Giving, we're giving away a FREE box of Spark {a.k.a. Happy Mommy Juice} to one of our lucky readers! XOXO