The Daily Chase

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Labor Day

Happy Tuesday, Friends! This post is coming to you from a relaxed and refreshed Mommy! We had a wonderful holiday weekend at the Chase house with lots of R&R/family time/birthday celebrations, etc. I am one VERY blessed Mommy!
My boys surprised me at work on Friday with a bouquet of roses and a sushi lunch date at Blue Fish. I got a super cute purse that I've been eyeing, and I spent the evening at the first Jesuit football game of the season. Getting older definitely has its perks!
Since our daily schedules are always so hectic our goal this weekend was to do as little as possible! Besides completely cleaning the house and grocery shopping we only left to take Brock to the park. It was a short visit due to the scorching heat, but he loved it none the less...

Thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lions + Tigers + Camels...oh my!

It's been awhile and we've been so busy soaking up the summer that I've seriously neglected this blog! Time to catch up on one of my favorite Summer Adventures...Brock's first trip to the Dallas Zoo!
Vince + I were so excited to have a long holiday weekend with Brock and we filled it with family time and fun in the sun. Our first stop was the Zoo on July 4th. The weather was perfect and we spent 3 happy hours taking in the sights, sounds and smells! We conveniently arrived during Brock's nap time so guess what he did the 1st hour...
Yup, little man snoozed half-way around the Zoo before waking up completely in awe of his surroundings. It didn't take long before he was focused and ready to explore!
After petting goats, watching the zoo keepers feed the elephants and an up close look at a camel it was safe to say Brock's first trip to the zoo was a huge success!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Lovin'

I absolutely adore summers here in Texas. Despite the sometimes unbearable heat, I can't get enough sunshine! Lately we've learned that Brock is obsessed with water! He spends every weekend either in our back yard kiddie pool, at Grammy & PopPop's pool, or at the Chase lake house. We've already created so many fun memories this summer and some of my favorites are from our recent trip to the lake to break in PopPop's new pontoon boat. Brock loved taking naps on the boat soaking up the summer sun and we can't wait to go back for the 4th of July!
We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with little adventures!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here's to 3 Years!

Vince and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary today! It has been an amazing journey and we couldn't be happier with our lives/marriage/family/faith/dreams! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our special day and those who have supported us over the past 3 years. We wouldn't be the people/parents we are without our amazing family and friends.
Enjoy the highlight video from our wedding. Still feels like yesterday...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our First Scare

It's inevitable that we have to experience the sadness of a sick child, and fortunately we had 8 great months before it happened. I took Monday off from work to have a play day with my sweet boy and noticed that his usual smiles and giggles were replaced with tired eyes and crankiness. After his fever escalated to 103 we rushed him to the ER in the middle of the night only to find that he had Strep Throat and a virus...YUCK! Thankfully, he is on the mend and we've even gotten a few smiles today! Can't wait till this little guy is back to his normal spunky self!

In other news...Brock took his first steps on Saturday! Vince and I came home from AdvoCare Success School to witness Brocky tackling another baby milestone! Have a great Wednesday everyone! XOXO

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Finds | 2/8

Hello Lovelies! Another work week has come and gone already...woohoo! Today I wanted to share some of the things we've been buzzing about at the Chase house. Hoping to make our "Friday Finds" a weekly posting. Enjoy!

Nate's Seafood - Our favorite cajun/seafood joint in Addison. We're excited to take our cousins Toni & Michael there tonight for a double date (with Brocky)! Who's ready for some crawfish?!?!?

Indoor Safari Park - I just heard of this place thanks to good ole Groupon! We're taking Brocky there next Friday for a family fun day. $4.99 for kids under 1 and $1 for accompanying adult...super fun and easy on the budget!

The Serengeti Resort - We're considering making this our next vacation location! How fun would it be to stay in one of the Outfitter tents? Pretty sure it would be a vacation to remember!

Baby Trend Trenz Fast Back 3-in-1 Car Seat - Brocky has officially outgrown his infant car seat and is moving into a big boy seat! I love the Baby Trend infant seat and jogging stroller so it was the only brand I considered when purchasing a new car seat. Plus, the 3-in-1 model will last until he's 4! We can't wait to try this bad boy out tonight!

On a side note, Brockster has been standing on his own so much lately. He'll walk if we're holding his hand, but hasn't gotten the courage to take a step on his own. I still can't believe this precious boy is 8 months!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hello, friends! As we get settled in to the new year, we've made a few changes here at the Chase house. We passionately believe that 2013 is the year we'll reach our goals both personally and professionally. Vince and I have been working hard to transform our physiques and our bank accounts! We're happy to report that in addition to working out everyday (thanks to the AWESOME Can you 24 DVD from AdvoCare), we've manage to only eat out once this month! This is a huge victory for us! I am definitely not known for expertise in the kitchen and our crazy schedules don't give us a lot of time to spend cooking, but we've managed to stick to it and make it work.

With that being said, we're testing out a new system this week. After a trip to Kroger and Sam's Club this weekend I managed to bring home {hopefully} three weeks worth of food. A little menu planning and some preparation/freezing has led to a successful start that we hope to continue! It's more than obvious that the more we go to the store, the more we spend...have you ever left with just what you went in for? If you have, you have way more self control than me...ha! Here's our menu plan for the week...please don't judge, I am not a cook, but am hoping to change that!

Sunday : Crockpot Potato Soup
Monday : Leftovers :)
Tuesday : Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Turkey Meat Sauce & Salad
Wednesday : Salmon Patties, Pinto Beans & Salad
Thursday : Pork Chops, Baked Beans & Salad
Friday : Taco Salad
Saturday : Left Overs
So, there it is! We're 3 days in and so far so good! What are your budgeting/meal planning tips? I'd love to hear some new ideas! XOXO, Bri

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Chase Christmas + A Happy New Year

I know I'm a couple of weeks late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year is off to a crazy, hectic & wonderful start, and a recap of Brock's first Christmas & New Years is long overdue! So, here it is...a simple rundown of our 1st holiday season with the little man!

Brocky woke up Christmas morning to a new friend with a very special message from Santa! He loved playing with his "vintage" blocks, train and sock monkey before heading to Mimi Gene's house for a Mexican lunch with Mommy's side of the family.

We loaded up our little SUV and headed to Irving to spend Christmas evening at Uncle Bobby & Aunt Ginny's house! A yummy Italian dinner and a room full of presents made for an exciting evening! Brock got a little fussy being off his sleeping schedule, but still had fun playing with his sweet cousins.

After the hustle + bustle of Christmas, we were pretty excited to have a simple New Years at home. Brock got a new pair of Batman PJs and we were all in bed by 9pm! Props to everyone who managed to ring in the new year at midnight...we started 2013 catching up on some much needed rest!