The Daily Chase

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from The Chase's

Happy Halloween, sweet friends! We hope your day is filled with fun! Popeye visited his Mammy & Pappy this morning & is heading to Irving tonight for tricks & treats at Grammy & Pop-pop's house!

 At 4 months, this little man has yet to have any teeth break through and when he rubs his gums together he makes what we call a "Popeye face" so, a Popeye costume just made sense!
Since I'm a DIYer at heart (and beacuse an infant Popeye costume can't be found) I gathered my supplies and had a blast making Brocky's costume! I was surprised it was such a quick, easy (& cheap) proccess. I'll be sure to post more pictures tomorrow and possibly a quick tutorial on how I made B-Rock's costume.
Have a fun and safe evening Trick-or-Treating! XO-Bri

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Current Obssession: The Bulletproof Executive

I love indulging in blogs and books about healthy lifestyles. Thanks to a super fun co-worker I was introduced to The Bulletproof Executive. The past couple of years I've been circling around a gluten-free/Paleo/Caveman Diet and try to gradually make small changes to my daily routine so it's something I'll stick with. I've learned from experience when I make drastic changes they just don't last!

Anyways, I'm fascinated with Dave Asprey's way of thinking...I mean a diet HIGH in fat, doesn't that go against every "diet" on the market? However, his logic makes sense to me and after reading his book and skimming over his blog, I've started adding some of his ideas (the ones I wasn't already trying to do) into my daily routine.

Have you checked out The Bulletproof Executive yet? If so, I'd love to know what you think. If not, check it out!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend with Brock

While Vince was in Austin this weekend for some Halloween partying with friends, Little Buddy and I had a fun, busy weekend here in Dallas.

{1} The fun started Friday with a Halloween party for the kiddos at my office. Brock loved dressing up as Popeye for the afternoon and this mommy had fun making his costume! Can't wait to take him "trick-or-treating" to see the grandparents on Halloween!

{2} Due to the cold weather Brocky and I didn't make it to SMU's Homecoming, so we scheduled a fun brunch with Auntie Liz and Uncle Travis at Buzzbrews on Sunday. We ALWAYS love seeing them and can't wait for them to come in town next weekend.

{3} I finally caught Brock crawling out of his chair. He's mastered the art of turning over and backing out of it. Guess it's time to find another solution!

{4 & 5} Brock starting sitting up on his own this morning! He successfully scooted out of his boppy and started supporting himself! Of course, he had to show off his new talent to his buddy, Tasha girl!

Have a great Monday, sweet friends! To all of our friends and family on the East Coast...stay safe, you're in our thoughts and prayers! XOXO, Bri

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Mommy

I'm one happy Mommy...I get to spend the entire weekend with this sweet face and I don't have to share him with anybody! I may be a walking zombie come Monday morning, but right now I'm focusing on the endless amounts of snuggles and reruns of Dinosaur Train!

Tonight little buddy and I are finishing up his Halloween costume. My company is throwing a Halloween party tomorrow for the kiddos and that means I'm going to be one busy Mommy working on last minute details.

I'll post pictures of him in the finished product tomorrow, but until then we'll leave you with this clue...

"I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach..."

Happy Thursday, everyone! -Bri

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, friends! We hope your week is off to a great start. We had a sweet weekend at home watching football and working on our house. I'm trying rid our house of clutter and any unused items (not an easy task), but I was able to make significant progress on my craft room while Brock napped. I'm hoping to have some after pictures of all my hard work as soon as it's finished! Here's a snapshot of what weekends look like at the Chase house...

{1} I couldn't wait to pick my little stud muffin up after work on Friday. I surprised him with a couple of new toys I snagged on sale at Target. Friday is our date night while Vince is at his little brother's football games. We almost always spend them snuggling and watching Dinosaur Train.

{2} I love waking up to this sweet little face on Saturday mornings. He is my Sunshine!

{3} Brocky was sure to get his exercise in jumping around all day. He LOVES his bouncer!

{4} I usually wake up to Brocky talking in his room. He'll entertain himself for a few minutes and cry when he's ready to eat or change. When he kept talking and talking I peeked in to check on him and noticed he was chit chatting with his little lamb! By far the cutest thing he's ever done! I love how happy he wakes up every morning.

Hope your weekend was just as sweet. Have a great week everyone! XOXO, Bri

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

The weather is crisp and cool here in Dallas and we're ready for an awesome weekend! Life is starting to settle after returning to work and I'm happy to be blogging again. I feel I have SO much to catch up on! Here's a little recap on our life lately...

BROCK  is growing up so fast! He's 4 months old and just started eating food. So far he loves organic rice cereal and organic peas.

VINCE  has retired from the "real world" and is working AdvoCare full time now. He is also a personal trainer for a few clients and loves working for himself. It's been amazing having him home more and we've enjoyed the extra "family" time at our house!

I'VE  started taking Zumba classes twice a week. I love it! I get some much needed "mommy" time and burn a few calories too! I'm down over 40lbs since June thanks to AdvoCare products and Zumba and I'm well on my way to reaching my goal!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Ours will be filled with football and fun! XOXO Bri