The Daily Chase

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Current Obssession: The Bulletproof Executive

I love indulging in blogs and books about healthy lifestyles. Thanks to a super fun co-worker I was introduced to The Bulletproof Executive. The past couple of years I've been circling around a gluten-free/Paleo/Caveman Diet and try to gradually make small changes to my daily routine so it's something I'll stick with. I've learned from experience when I make drastic changes they just don't last!

Anyways, I'm fascinated with Dave Asprey's way of thinking...I mean a diet HIGH in fat, doesn't that go against every "diet" on the market? However, his logic makes sense to me and after reading his book and skimming over his blog, I've started adding some of his ideas (the ones I wasn't already trying to do) into my daily routine.

Have you checked out The Bulletproof Executive yet? If so, I'd love to know what you think. If not, check it out!