The Daily Chase

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend with Brock

While Vince was in Austin this weekend for some Halloween partying with friends, Little Buddy and I had a fun, busy weekend here in Dallas.

{1} The fun started Friday with a Halloween party for the kiddos at my office. Brock loved dressing up as Popeye for the afternoon and this mommy had fun making his costume! Can't wait to take him "trick-or-treating" to see the grandparents on Halloween!

{2} Due to the cold weather Brocky and I didn't make it to SMU's Homecoming, so we scheduled a fun brunch with Auntie Liz and Uncle Travis at Buzzbrews on Sunday. We ALWAYS love seeing them and can't wait for them to come in town next weekend.

{3} I finally caught Brock crawling out of his chair. He's mastered the art of turning over and backing out of it. Guess it's time to find another solution!

{4 & 5} Brock starting sitting up on his own this morning! He successfully scooted out of his boppy and started supporting himself! Of course, he had to show off his new talent to his buddy, Tasha girl!

Have a great Monday, sweet friends! To all of our friends and family on the East Coast...stay safe, you're in our thoughts and prayers! XOXO, Bri