The Daily Chase

Thursday, June 21, 2012

{2 Weeks}

I can't believe my baby was 2 weeks old yesterday...time really does fly when you're having fun! He's changed so much since we first brought him home and I find myself spending all day trying to capture every moment in pictures and videos! Here's a little summary of Brock's first two weeks...

9 lbs, loves to snuggle, smiles & coos in his sleep, eats every 3 hours, started trying to hold his head up on his own, laughed for the first time, & hiccups everyday

 {1} Daddy & Brock...snuggle buddies! {2} Brock went to Mass for the first time & slept through the whole thing. {3} Brock's 1st bath. {4} Sleeping Angel {5} Precious little feet! {6} Brock's first check-up. Dr. Mitchell said Brock was gaining weight at an astronomical rate...haha!

9lbs 10oz, started rolling over on his tummy, loves to play in his activity gym, started wearing ear molds, & eats every 2 1/2 hours

 {1} Morning stroll with Mommy {2} Fussy, but cute! {3} Happy Father's Day, Daddy! {4} Gym Time {5} Snuggle time, anyone? {6} 2 week check-up...right before drawing blood & the hepatitis vaccine :( Dr. Mitchell called us a "giant"!

Brock started rolling over at 11 days old! I was so happy to catch it on film...

We hope everyone has a fabulous day!