The Daily Chase

Friday, November 2, 2012

Brock's 1st Halloween

Have your recovered from the Halloween Candy Coma? We fortunately didn't buy/or bring home any candy which made avoiding it much easier! We spent the evening helping Pop-Pop pass out candy to trick-or-treaters before enjoying a feast of sushi at one of our favorite spots. Popeye had a blast before passing out from exhaustion!

Here's a quick rundown of how I put together Brock's Popeye outfit for anyone who's interested:
{1} I cut the sleeves off from a boy's muscle suit I found at Walmart in the Halloween dept. I cut down the length and hand basted them into the shoulder seams of a black t-shirt.
{2} I cut the lapel from a scrap piece of sweatshirt material I found at JoAnn's and ironed on white seam binding to the edges. Hand sew the lapel to the t-shirt and sew on three yellow/gold buttons.
{3} I took an adult sailor hat I folded the back over till it fit Brock's head and hand sewed a new seam.
{4} Using a black permanent marker I drew an anchor tatoo on one forearm and I used dark jeans and white tennis shoes we already had to complete the look.
I wish I had pictures of the process, but I was rushed to create it the night before and it was all I could do to get it done! Enjoy! XO-Bri