The Daily Chase

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend + A Thankful Heart

Oh, boy...where to begin?!?! This weekend was simply AMAZING! I love having long weekends with family and spending extra time with little buddy. We did a little bit of everything this weekend and even with a couple extra days managed to run out of time!
Thanksgiving was extra special this year for us. My parents, brother and Mimi spent the day at Vincent's parents house. It was so much fun having both families together and not having to divide our time between the two. Brock got tons of attention and was tuckered out by mid afternoon!
Friday & Saturday included lots of Christmas decorating for me and quality bonding time for Vince & Brock. Our house is starting to look pretty festive and I hope to have some fun pics to post this week of all my handmade goodies!
We spent Saturday afternoon at Ford Stadium cheering on the Mustangs. They beat Tulsa and are on their way to the Hawaii Bowl...Pony up!
Vince and I have made a pact not to "eat out" for the rest of the year. We're paying cash for Christmas thanks to our AdvoCare business and one of our gifts to each other is to start 2013 debt free except for our mortgage. I've had fun planning our meals and cooking this week...yes, I've actually enjoyed cooking...HA! Vince has enjoyed all of the things I've made which only adds to my motivation. I altered a recipe for a Caramel Apple Pie that I clipped from ALL YOU magazine and made it as gluten-free/sugar-free as possible. I assumed it would be a failed attempt, but much to my surprise Vincent loved it! Here's to many more cooking adventures this month! XOXO