The Daily Chase

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Party Like A Brock Star!

We are so hapy to announce that IT'S A BOY! We are completely overwhelmed and still in shock, but we couldn't be happier! Without further ado, here's our little Brock star!

Brock looks like he has his daddy's nose and mouth already!

Brock's BIG feet!

Brock's arm & hand. While measuring his bones the sonogram nurse stopped, turned to Vincent and asked, "How tall are you?". When he told her 6'5" she said, "It's going to be one tall baby!" Apparently Brock's bones are already measuring long! Like father, like son!

Baby Brock's face!

It's a boy! And, he's not very modest...haha!

Towards the end of our sonogram Baby Brock got tired of taking pictures (just like daddy) and covered his face with his hand. Shortly after he started sticking his tounge out at us! Oh Lord, my son's a character already!

We are on cloud 9 and can't wait to meet our precious little, err BIG, boy!